Access Bars® Classes Helmond | English Spoken

Thursday 28th of December 2023 | 10:00 – 17:30 | Gasthuistraat 102, Helmond

What is Access Bars®?


Access Bars® is a gentle hands-on body process byAccess Consciousness®. The body process is given on various points on the head and contributes to more ease, peace and a general sense of wellbeing in your life. The results of an Access Bars® sessions can be compared to how you feel after a meditation session of relaxing massage.


Access Bars® is a modality which allows people to function differently as themselves in their lives. Possibly now you are functioning from the heaviness of thoughts, feelings, emotions and a feeling of stress and having to just get things done. After you have received a Bars session you will start to notice a different possibility show up for you to start functioning from the space of perceiving, knowing, being and receiving from the SPACE of YOU.


What does an Access Bars session look like


An Access Bars® session allows the electrical charge of polarity that has been stored in your brain dissipate and release. It is kind of like the defragmentation of the hard disk of your computer. It allows more space, clarity, relaxation and choice to no longer function from auto-pilot. This allows you to start receiving life more and more, instead of being in resistance and reaction to everything and everyone, including yourself


For most people, an Access Bars session is the first moment they ever receive the beauty of them without a feeling of obligation, force or doubt. It creates a space of allowance for you to start receiving in life.


Most of us aren’t very good at receiving, we like to control things in our lives, pressure ourselves through the day, give too much and to everyone and everything except ourselves. This can lead to internal beliefs such as: “In order to achieve anything in life you must work hard.” What happens then is that you must keep on creating situations in your life in order to prove that belief is true.


What does an Access Bars® Class in Helmond (near Eindhoven) look like?


This class is a 1-day practical training where you are facilitated to become an Access Bars® practitioner. You will learn how the Bars points work and how you can run Bars sessions on yourself and others.

You will gift and receive two Access Bars® sessions on this day and take home a beautiful manual for reference at home, 2 headcharts, an official certificate and of course lots of transformation and change! How does it get any better than this?

Next to that, this is also a fun & relaxed day, where we prioritize relaxation, joy and a space of being, instead of “needing to understand things” and “get it right”.

We shall explore how it is for YOU to start functioning from being, instead of doing. And what are the infinite possibilities for this class, day and our future on planet Earth?

Sign up via the contactform below and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us within 48 hours with all the information you require to complete your registration and come and take part in class with ease, joy & glory.

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